Sam the Subaru Outback

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The steed for the journey is a red 2011 Subaru Outback.

This is my sixth car and the first one that I bought new.

I’m usually not a fan of naming cars — I never have done so in the past — but it seemed right to do it this time.  I thought about alluding to great travel writing of the past, with names like Rocinante, Sal, and Scout.  None of those felt appropriate, but a couple were close.  I wanted a good, understated, alliterative name.  Something that would be appropriate for a trusty horse.  Thus: The Subaru’s name is Sam.

My experience buying Sam in June 2010 was fairly painless, and other than an easily fixed loose reverse-light wire, he has provided dependable service to me thus far.

Sam the Subaru

Sam the Subaru in front of Lake Superior

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    Your friend is a loser and he’s also nuts. The FJ-Cruiser is a light truck which means it doesn’t have to meet the same eisismon requirements which are stricter for passenger cars. It’s like comparing apples to raisins. Even if the 8 year old Subaru engine isn’t in top condition, and it puts out more HCs and NOx than when new, it’s a 2.5 or 3.0 engine, which puts out much less CO2 than the 4.0 v6 in the Toyota.

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